Zombie Castaways MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The unlimited money Zombie Castaways mod lets you fully build out and customize your zombie paradise without delays or grinding.
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Nov 1, 2023
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Looking for a hilarious zombie-themed adventure full of quirky characters and funny quests? Then sail away with Zombie Castaways! This unique mix of simulation, RPG, and building gameplay offers a lighthearted undead experience on your own tropical island paradise. 🏝️

In this game guide, we’ll cover the key features of Zombie Castaways, tips for thriving on your island, and how the unlimited money mod can make paradise that much sweeter!

Overview of Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways puts a fun twist on zombie games by letting you play AS the zombies trying to build a great island home. Here’s an overview of the gameplay:

  • Build and manage your own island settlement.
  • Recruit funny zombie villagers to help expand.
  • Complete quests and explore other islands.
  • Craft weapons, potions, and artifacts.
  • Customize your zombie with outfits and accessories.
  • Take part in seasonal events and contests.
  • Trade goods and resources with other players.

It combines elements of simulation games like The Sims with the goal-oriented progression of an RPG. And it’s all wrapped up in humorous, high-quality zombie visuals. There’s plenty to keep you shambling around!

Island Building and Management

Your home island in Zombie Castaways starts out as just a small clearing surrounded by thick jungle. By gathering resources, crafting new structures, and managing your zombie villagers, you can transform it into a thriving tropical settlement. Here are the key elements:

Resources and Materials

  • Chop down trees for wood.
  • Mine stone from rocks and mountains.
  • Gather lush plants from the jungle undergrowth.
  • Collect mushrooms growing around the island.
  • Fish in the surrounding waters for seafood ingredients.

Buildings and Structures

  • Huts, houses, and mansions for your villagers.
  • Resource production buildings like sawmills and mines.
  • Decorations and amenities like tiki statues and campfires.
  • Defensive structures to protect against human raiders.


  • Recruit quirky zombie villagers by rescuing them from islands.
  • Assign them jobs gathering resources or operating structures.
  • Craft accessories and outfits to customize their appearance.
  • Level up villagers to improve their productivity.

By maximizing resource production, crafting tons of structures, and managing your villagers, you can cultivate an amazing island paradise! It’s addictively fun.

Quests and Exploration

In addition to building up your home island, you also get to explore beyond it across a huge world map. Here are the questing and exploration features:

Sailing and Navigation

  • Set sail between islands in your ship.
  • Navigate around obstacles like sharks and pirates.
  • Discover new islands and unlock fast travel routes.


  • Quest givers on islands offer goals like gathering resources, delivering items, defeating enemies, and more.
  • Complete quests to earn rewards and currency to improve your own island.
  • Story-based questlines are added with major game updates.

Other Islands

  • Each island has its own themes and secrets to uncover.
  • Meet quirky characters who also need help building up their settlements.
  • Some islands are home to hostile humans you’ll need to defeat or sneak past.

Special Events and Challenges

  • Limited-time events with exclusive quests and rewards.
  • Contests and competitions among the game’s players and islands.
  • Live events on occasion like in-game concerts or sales.

Exploring beyond your home island provides tons of variety, goals to work towards, and fun surprises to discover.

Customizing Your Zombie

A major part of the game is also customizing the look of your own zombie protagonist with tons of outfits and accessories. Here’s an overview of the zombie fashion elements:


  • Fancy suits, dresses, uniforms, and more.
  • Different genres like pirate, medieval, steampunk, etc.
  • Holiday and event themes.
  • Silly novelty outfits like chickens and hotdogs.


  • Eyewear, facial hair, makeup, and piercings.
  • Hats, wigs, and hairstyles.
  • Weapons like swords and guns.
  • Pets and sidekicks.


  • Gather cloth and fashion materials from quests and islands.
  • Use recipes to craft unique costume pieces.
  • Combine materials and dyes for one-of-a-kind looks.

Dressing up your zombie lets you really define their personality and look as you progress through the adventures. Pursuing new costume pieces can be a fun goal in itself!

Gameplay Tips

Here are some tips to help you thrive as a zombie castaway:

  • Balance resources – Don’t harvest too much of one material and let others deplete.
  • Upgrade structures first – Improved buildings greatly increase villager productivity.
  • Rescue villagers often – Max out your population to expand faster.
  • Cook food – Prepared meals like kabobs restore more energy than raw materials.
  • Participate in events – Limited-time events offer exclusive resources and outfits.
  • Use crafting combos – Combining certain materials yields better equipment.
  • Raid human islands – Steal resources from humans to fuel your settlement.
  • Enchant weapons/tools – Magic enchantments make them more efficient.

MOD Features (Unlimited Money)

While you earn coins through regular gameplay in Zombie Castaways, the unlimited money mod provides a huge advantage:

  • Instant building – Construct and upgrade structures immediately, no waiting.
  • Fast crafting – Craft advanced equipment and recipes without grinding for materials.
  • Buy anything – Purchase expensive outfits, pets, decorations, etc. right away.
  • No microtransactions – Enjoy everything the game offers without real money.
  • Reduced timers – Speed up annoying wait times for production and voyages.
  • Max villagers – Recruit a full island population from the start.

The unlimited money mod lets you fully build out and customize your zombie paradise without delays or grinding. It removes the slow drip of progression in favor of instant gratification.

Review of Zombie Castaways

What We Liked

  • Hilarious zombie theme with great humor.
  • Super addictive settlement building gameplay loop.
  • Huge world with tons of islands to explore.
  • Deep customization for your zombie.
  • Regular events and updates.

What Could Be Improved

  • Quests are repetitive and simplistic.
  • Crafting mechanics not very deep.
  • Combat is very basic.
  • Can feel like you stall out after a while.

Verdict 🧟

Zombie Castaways offers a fun and lighthearted take on zombie games with its focus on building your dream island paradise. Fans of simulation games and humor will find tons to love. The unlimited money mod helps accelerate progress and building. Overall, a great casual game with amusing zombie flair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zombie Castaways free to play?

Yes, Zombie Castaways is completely free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases to speed up progress but they are not required.

What are the in-app purchases?

Mainly premium currency packs to buy coins faster. There are also special packs with exclusive outfits and pets.

Will my island save across devices?

Unfortunately your island does not currently sync across different devices. You would have separate islands on iPhone and Android for example.

Does the game require internet connection?

You need an internet connection to initially download the game and access online features. But you can still build your island offline once it’s downloaded.

Is there multiplayer functionality?

Not direct interaction, but you can visit other players’ islands to trade resources. There are also leaderboards and contests.

Well there you have it, the complete lowdown on surviving and thriving as a zombie in Zombie Castaways! Whether you prefer building, questing, or just laughing at the hilarious zombies, this game delivers a fun casual experience for all ages. Just don’t eat any humans… brains are bad for your health!

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