Zooba MOD APK (Show Enemies, Always Shot, Drone View)

With this Zooba Mod Apk, you'll enjoy features such as showing enemies, drone view, and always shot, taking your strategy and performance to the next level.
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Oct 1, 2023
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Zooba is an exciting multiplayer battle royale game developed by Wildlife Studios that offers fast-paced PvP gameplay in a cartoonish world filled with adorable animals. With its easy controls, fun power-ups, and short 10-minute matches, Zooba provides an enjoyable gaming experience for players of all ages.

In this game, you play as one of several animal characters with unique abilities and battle against other players in a last-one-standing deathmatch. Zooba’s gameplay involves exploring the arena, collecting weapons and power-ups, and using your character’s skills to defeat opponents.

How to Play Zooba on Mobile

Zooba is available on both iOS and Android devices. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  1. Download and install the Zooba app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Once installed, open the app and tap on the “Play” button.
  3. Choose your preferred game mode – Battle Royale or Team Match.
  4. Select your character. Each animal has different stats and a special ability.
  5. You’ll then be matched into a lobby with other players. Tap “Ready” when you’re ready to start.
  6. Once the match begins, your goal is to be the last player standing by eliminating all opponents.
  7. Move your character using the virtual joystick and aim/shoot using the buttons on the right.
  8. Pick up weapons, consumables, and power-ups across the map to boost your chances.
  9. Survive till the end while making effective use of your character’s skills.
  10. The player/team with the most eliminations wins the match.

With these basics in mind, you’re all set to dive into the fun cartoon world of Zooba! The more you play, the better you’ll get at survival strategies and combat.

Exciting Game Modes in Zooba

Zooba offers two main game modes:

Battle Royale

The classic free-for-all deathmatch where 20 players compete to be the final survivor on a shrinking map. This solo mode really tests your survival skills against the competition.

Team Deathmatch

In this 3v3 or 5v5 mode, you team up with other players and collectively take on an opposing team. Coordination with teammates is key here to dominate the other squad.

Both modes deliver an action-packed PvP experience! Matches are short so you can quickly play again. There are also ranked leagues to progress through as you get better.

Choose from 10 Adorable Animal Characters

One of Zooba’s charms is its cast of cute anthropomorphic animal characters called ‘Zoobas’, each with their own skills and abilities:

  • Larry: An agile gorilla who can pounce on enemies. Good mix of offense and speed.
  • Bruce: A sneaky crocodile who can briefly become invisible to ambush foes.
  • Molly: A cuddly hippo capable of stunning groups of surrounding opponents with her yell.
  • Rodrigo: A nimble fox adept at pilfering items from rivals and scoring critical hits.
  • Chloe: A fashionable Panda that can silence enemies temporarily with her makeup kit.
  • Tiko: A bat with echolocation to reveal hidden opponents and items.
  • Rex: A heavily-armored rhino that can charge headfirst into groups.
  • Buck: A chicken who can flap his wings wildly to deflect incoming damage.
  • Bella: A cheerful lamb that can heal herself by singing melodiously.
  • Buddy: A loyal dog who can mark enemies to reveal their location periodically.

Figuring out your favorite Zooba to suit your playstyle is part of the fun. Their designs and animations are really endearing too.

Key Locations and Features on the Map

Zooba’s arena is creatively designed with these notable locations and interactive elements:

  • Central Town: The focal point with buildings to take cover in and weapons/items to grab. Expect heavy clashes here.
  • Sniper Towers: Teleport up to these vantage points to gain a height advantage and pick off foes.
  • Witch Hut: The resident witch doctor here can curse players, causing ongoing damage over time.
  • Dams: Destroying dams floods parts of the arena, washing away and damaging opponents.
  • Vending Machines: Dispense handy power-ups like damage boosts, speed ups and more. They can turn the tide.
  • Supply Crates: These crashed crates contain random offensive/defensive gear to loot.
  • Hideouts: Duck into these hidey-holes to lie low and ambush passing enemies.
  • Zipline: Zip across areas quickly with this wire transport system.

Learning the lay of the land and using it to your advantage is key to mastering Zooba matches.

Tips and Strategies to Win Matches

Here are some useful tips to excel at Zooba’s battle royale gameplay:

  • Stay on the move and be unpredictable in your movements. Never stand still.
  • Frequently change up your positioning and attack angles. Flank opponents when you can.
  • In team games, communicate with your squad and execute coordinated ambushes.
  • Know when to attack, retreat and hide. Don’t take unneeded fights.
  • Make judicious use of your character’s unique skill during battles.
  • Grab weapons and power-ups early on before enemies do.
  • Use cover to dodge shots and break line of sight from pursuers.
  • Save your best weapons/abilities for the end game stage.
  • Third-party ongoing fights between distracted enemies. Clean up low health targets.
  • High ground offers a major advantage, so control towers and roofs.
  • Pay attention to the storm circle and rotate in advance to remain safely inside.

Mastering these gameplay concepts will certainly help you achieve #1 Victory Royale!

Exciting Power-Ups and Abilities

Part of Zooba’s dynamism comes from collecting power-ups that enhance your character in fun ways:

  • Rapid Fire – Shoots high-speed bullet barrages for several seconds.
  • Damage Boost – Temporary increase to weapon damage.
  • Speed Boost – Greatly enhances movement speed briefly.
  • Stealth – Turns you invisible to sneak up on foes.
  • Frag Grenade – Lobs an explosive that damages enemies in an area.
  • Molotov Cocktail – Fire bomb that causes burning damage over time.
  • Landmine – Place this sneaky proximity mine to surprise chasing rivals.
  • Health Potion – Quickly restores a chunk of lost health.
  • Adrenaline – Provides immunity to the approaching storm briefly.
  • Bounce Pads – Makes you hyper-jump to leap high and far.

Smart use of power-ups at clutch moments can completely flip the tables on unsuspecting enemies!

Satisfying Arsenal of Weapons

You’ll find an enjoyable variety of weapons scattered around Zooba’s map:

  • Pistol: Standard sidearm. Decent range and accuracy.
  • Shotgun: Deadly up close but spread limits range.
  • SMG: Rapid-fire gun ideal for close-mid range combat.
  • Assault Rifle: Good all-rounder with nice balance of power and firing rate.
  • Sniper Rifle: Slow firing but extremely long range and high damage. Can pick off distant enemies.
  • Grenade Launcher: Lobs explosive projectiles in an arc – superb vs groups.
  • Crossbow: Silent long-range stealth weapon that’s great for ambushes.
  • Slingshot: Rapidly flings rocks at opponents – solid poke damage.

Mastering the use of each weapon type in different situations is an essential skill if you want to destroy the competition.

Fun Emotes to Taunt Foes

Emotes are animated emojis you can use during matches for fun expressions and taunting:

  • Laugh: Mock your enemies with evil laughter.
  • Thumbs Up: Give a smug thumbs up to annoyed opponents.
  • Cry: Turn on the waterworks after getting defeated.
  • Shake Fist: Threaten rivals with an angry fist shake.
  • Facepalm: React to an enemy’s poor playing with a facepalm.
  • Celebrate: Break into a dance over a vanquished foe.
  • Yawn: Show boredom by yawning exaggeratedly.
  • Confused: Scratch your head in fake confusion at a rival’s bad play.
  • Applaud: Slow clap sarcastically at a flustered opponent.
  • Lol: Express your amusement at an enemy’s misfortune.

Emotes provide some fun cocky ways to toy with your competitors. But don’t get too distracted from the action!

Ranked Competitive Play

For players seeking tougher competition, Zooba offers ranked leagues with skilled opponents:

  • Bronze: For newbies still learning the ropes.
  • Silver: Home to decently experienced players.
  • Gold: Where intermediates battle it out.
  • Platinum: High level of competitive play.
  • Diamond: The very top level league with elite players.

Moving up in rank requires consistently good performances and honed skills. The ranked environment provides a challenging arena to test yourself in. High ranked players gain special profile badges and bragging rights.

Team up with Friends in Duo/Squad Modes

Playing Zooba with friends makes everything more enjoyable. You can team up in the following ways:

  • Duo Mode: Partner with 1 friend against pairs of other real players. Coordinate your characters and attacks.
  • Squad Mode: Form a squad of 2-4 friends and take on other pre-made teams. Exciting chaos!
  • Create/Join Band: Bands are Zooba’s version of clans. Make a band with pals or join existing ones to socialize and play matches together.
  • Friend Spectating: When you get eliminated, you can follow your still-alive friends and watch them play from their perspective.

Teamwork is extremely rewarding in Zooba thanks to all these multiplayer options. Few things are more satisfying than winning a hard-fought victory alongside good friends!

Customize Your Character

As you play Zooba matches and gain experience points (XP), you’ll unlock tons of cosmetic items to customize your animal’s appearance:

Character Skins

Change up your Zooba’s default colors and textures with skins like Camo, Tuxedo, Wizard, Ninja and more! Show off your style.


Adorn your character with silly hats, face items like glasses & masks, and flag back items to make them stand out.


Unlock new animated Emotes to communicate in fun and cheeky ways during matches.

Victory Dances

Celebrate winning a match with crazy dance moves like Flossing, Ballet and Breakdance.

Name Change

Tired of your current nickname? Change it using the custom name feature. Get creative!

With a plethora of cosmetics to mix and match, you can really create a unique look for your Zooba. A snazzy skin also intimidates enemies!

Engaging Progression System

Zooba uses XP, seasons and battle passes to provide engaging progression:

  • XP: Earn XP from playing matches and completing challenges. Gain XP levels to unlock skins, emotes, etc over time.
  • Seasons: Every few months, Zooba introduces a new Season with fresh themes, characters, cosmetics and more.
  • Battle Pass: Each Season has a premium Battle Pass to instantly unlock special cosmetics by completing daily/weekly challenges and leveling up.

This gives you constant short and long term goals to work towards. Unlocking new goodies is quite addictive and provides a sense of advancement.

Top Reasons Zooba is so Fun

Here are the key ingredients that make Zooba an absolute blast:

  • Quick 10 minute matches for instant entertainment.
  • Cute cartoon visuals with endearing animal characters.
  • Simple controls – just move, aim and shoot. Easy to pickup.
  • Fun character skills add variety and strategy.
  • Exciting power-ups change match dynamics.
  • Good weapon variety for different situations.
  • Duo and squad modes allow playing with friends.
  • Ranked mode for serious competitive play.
  • Tons of cosmetics and emotes for personalization.
  • Engaging progression system.

With all these elements combined, it’s easy to see why Zooba is so enjoyable. Matches never feel the same!


Zooba delivers a supremely fun and chaotic battle royale experience on mobile with its quick matches, diverse animal characters, exciting powerups and more. Mastering survival strategies, map knowledge, teamplay and aiming skills are key to eliminating foes and tasting sweet victory. With so many different ways to play, Zooba offers endless hours of enjoyment and intense PvP action in the palm of your hand. Get out there, make some friends and show off your Zooba skills!

Zooba Gameplay FAQs

What are the best characters for beginners?

Larry, Bruce and Chloe are pretty newbie friendly. They have a good mix of offense and defense in their skillsets.

What should I priorities first on spawn?

Focus on getting a weapon fast. Your starting slingshot won’t cut it for long. After that, hunt some powerups.

How do I deal with campers?

Use grenades or Molotovs to flush them out of hiding spots. You can also set traps with landmines. Coordinate with teammates to pinch campers.

What’s the #1 mistake players make?

Getting caught out in the open with no cover! Always be near some kind of barrier or building you can use to dodge shots and hide. Avoid open spaces.

When should I engage enemies vs run away?

If you have the health advantage or get the drop on them, aggress them. If they have better weapons/positioning, it’s often smarter to retreat and re-engage on your terms later.

How do I aim better on mobile?

Use the eye/fire buttons to manually aim while moving instead of relying on auto-fire. Take your time lining up shots instead of just spam firing. Move your fingers lower on the screen for smoother aiming.

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