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Embark on a quest for survival in Stickman vs Zombies, an addictively fun action game that puts your combat skills to the ultimate test against hordes of the undead. Sharpen your blade, ready your bow, and brace for intense PvE battles across sprawling levels teeming with zombies.

With rich RPG elements, special powers to unlock, and waves of enemies to defeat, this game offers hours of heart-pounding gameplay. Let’s dig into everything this stick figure adventure has to throw at you!

Addictive Hack ‘n’ Slash Gameplay

Slice ‘n’ dice through zombies with visceral melee and ranged weapons combat. Equip metal blades, flaming swords, high-powered guns and more to tear through the rotting masses.

Satisfying Combat Dynamics

Land heavy blows that send zombies ragdolling through the air. Lop off limbs and heads in gory glory. Each zombie exhibits realistic physics when struck for immensely gratifying gameplay.

Arsenal of Weapons

Unleash blade-and-bludgeon mayhem with swords, knives, axes, scythes, chainsaws, bats and extra deadly ultra rare weapons. Equip a shield for defense too.

Long Range Options

When melee gets too messy, switch to bows, pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, and rocket launchers to pick zombies off from afar.

“I never get tired of the endless weapons and crazy ways to demolish zombies. Plus dodging attacks and timing strikes just feels so good!”

Deliver raw punishment to the zombie menace anyway you like – Stickman vs Zombies encourages creativity in dealing death!

Deep Roleplaying Game Elements

Progress from fragile victim to zombie-demolishing machine through traditional RPG-style leveling and gear upgrades.

Character Stats

Distribute points into strength, health, critical chance and more on each level up. Tailor builds to suit playstyles.

Loot Equipment

Scavenge increasingly powerful weapon and armor drops from fallen foes. Equip gear with bonus effects like fire damage, leeching health, raising attack speed etc.

Missions and Quests

Take on story quest chains, optional side missions like defend outposts and randomly occurring world events for big rewards.

“I really appreciate how gear hunting and RPG mechanics deepen the basic hack ‘n’ slash fun.”

Grow your stickman from zero to hero through choices in gear and stat development!

Unlock Awesome Special Abilities

Unique character classes and skill trees give access to wicked supernatural powers. Unleash these upon the zombie masses!

Diverse Classes

Play as Knight, Sniper, Necromancer and more with varied bonuses and exclusive powers to investigate.

Cool Perks

Spend skill points to gain passive boosts like increased critical damage, bonus gold from kills and improved resistance to viruses.

Deadly Skills

Activate destructive powers on cooldowns like Cluster Arrow attacks, siccing undead minions on foes, calling aerial drone strikes, dropping napalm bombs and more!

“I love experimenting with diverse player classes and specializations – so many rad ways to unleash chaos!”

Unmask unique builds and decimate zombies in all manner of over-the-top ways!

Thrilling PvE Game Modes

Fend off the zombie onslaught in exciting player vs enemy match types offering hours of intense challenges:

Campaign Story Mode

Battle through the main questline packed with plot, cinematics and climatic boss encounters on the way to finally escaping zombie territory.


Fight endless waves of zombies for as long as possible before inevitable death. Aim for high scores on global leaderboards.

Challenge Runs

Take on specific objectives like defeat 300 enemies under strict limitations or using odd weapon loadouts. Test skill and earn fame!

Limited Events

During special events, defeat holiday or themed zombies for exclusive collectible loot unavailable any other time!

No two battles play out the same thanks to diverse PvE challenges! Zombie slaying stays engaging for good.”

Test yourself and triumph over themed objectives in Stickman vs Zombies’ expanding array of PvE contests!

Vibrant Hand-Drawn Visuals

While zombies meeting violent ends can get gory, the game balances things out with a vibrant hand-illustrated art style.

Unique Stick Figure Style

New take on traditional stick figure aesthetic gives characters lifelike fluidity and charm despite simplified designs.

Living Dynamic Environments

Forests, cities, secret labs and more environments brim with destructible objects, swaying vegetation and subtle ambient motion.

Bold Pop Art Palettes

Each level pops with bright high-contrast art reminiscent of pop art prints. Blood splatters galore too against the stark backdrops!

Grotesque Zombies

Shambling corpses sport exposed ribs, dangling organs, missing limbs and suitably hideous faces straight out of a horror movie.

“Few games capture a balance of gory yet playful style like Stickman vs Zombies – it stands out visually for sure!”

The unique hand-drawn art direction makes obliterating zombies extra satisfying.

Non-Stop Zombie-Blasting Action

Hordes of varied undead await around every corner with advanced AI behavior – stay on guard!

Huge Swarm Sizes

Each stage constantly has 50+ active zombies lunging for your flesh from all sides. Manage crowd control!

Multiple Zombie Types

Face General Shufflers, armored Rioters, towering Giants, fire-spewing Incinerators, acidic Gassers, elite Ranger Bowmen and more!

Dynamic Movement Patterns

Zombies tactically flank your position, crawl through gaps, clamber over obstacles, smash through doors and utilize the environment to catch you off guard.

No Two Encounters Alike

Procedurally generated elements like rival squad mixes, map layouts, object placement/destruction and more make battles unpredictably intense!

“I’m continuously blown away by how the zombie AI keeps combat intense and full of surprises – no dull moments here!”

Expect the unexpected thanks to advanced zombie AI that ratchets up the action!

Social Player Interactions

While mainly an PvE game, Stickman vs Zombies incorporates neat social features like asynchronous arena battles against player created teams.


Compare your best Survival times and highest Challenge mode scores to friends and top players globally.

Character Customization

Personalize your stickman with collectible skins, emotes, banners and titles from achievements then show off online!

Arena Duels

Assemble zombie-crushing teams then battle other players’ squads in automatic AI clashes. Watch replays too!

In-Game Chat

Chat in real time with fellow players in the world lobby about strategies, loot and upcoming community events.

“I dig little bonuses like social comparisons and community interactions layered on top of the core slaying gameplay”

Flaunt achievements and test battle teams formed from your strongest heroes against friends + rivals!

FAQ About Stickman vs Zombies

What platforms is the game available on?

Currently iOS, Android smartphones and tablets. Developer Hiker Games plans PC, Mac and console ports soon!

Does it require internet connectivity?

You’ll need an internet connection for features like cloud save, PVP aspects and live events. But you can play offline too!

Is there controller support?

Partial controller support for Bluetooth gamepads exists in the mobile version. Future console ports to Switch, Playstation and Xbox will offer full integration.

How does monetization work?

Core gameplay is 100% free.

Hopefully the above info gets you hyped to play Stickman vs Zombies! Let the gory battle for survival begin…

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