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Jump into the adrenaline-charged adventure awaiting you in the world of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile and enjoy the game to the fullest.
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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has finally arrived on mobile devices! This free-to-play battle royale game. The thrilling Call of Duty action we know and love to iOS and Android. With impressive graphics, smooth gameplay, and cross-platform features, Warzone Mobile is set to be the next big thing in mobile gaming.

In this in-depth guide, we will explore everything you need to know about this explosive mobile title – from gameplay features, maps and modes, to tips and strategies for winning your Warzone matches on the go! Let’s get right into it.

Gameplay and Key Features

Warzone Mobile gameplay will feel instantly familiar to veterans of the console and PC versions. Players parachute onto a massive map with up to 120 players. You must scavenge for weapons and equipment, take down enemies, and avoid being caught outside the safe zone to be the last person (or team) standing.

Here are some of the standout gameplay features that make Warzone Mobile such an exciting battle royale experience:

Vehicular Combat

Drive vehicles like ATVs, SUVs, and helicopters to engage in vehicular combat or quickly traverse the massive map. Vehicles have health bars and can explode, so make sure to bail before it’s too late!


Take on contracts like Scavenger, Bounty, and Recon during matches to earn special rewards like weapon blueprints, cash, and more. This is a great way to get an advantage over the competition.

Buy Stations

Use cash picked up during matches to purchase killstreaks, armor plates, gas masks, self-revive kits, and other tools from Buy Stations located around the map. Smart purchases can dramatically improve your chances of survival.


When you get eliminated, there’s still a chance to fight your way back! Win the 1v1 Gulag gunfight tournament and you can redeploy for a second chance.

Huge Playspace

Fight across a massive and intricate playspace dotted with landmarks and secrets to discover. The scale adds an exciting layer of strategy and exploration to each match.

Cross-Platform Support

Thanks to Activision account integration, you can play with friends on consoles and PC. Progress and purchased items carry across linked accounts.

With these features and more, Warzone Mobile looks to deliver an exceptional FPS battle royale experience right on your phone.

Warzone Mobile Maps and Modes

Warzone Mobile will launch with Verdansk – the fan-favorite map from early Warzone seasons. This expansive and intricately designed map in Russia is perfect for hosting up to 120 players. It features varied terrain like cities, military bases, farmland, and more – leading to diverse combat engagements.

Here are the playable modes available in Warzone Mobile at launch:

Battle Royale

The core last-person-standing Warzone experience. Loot, shoot, and survive across the massive Verdansk map.


A race to collect as much in-match cash as possible. When you die, you keep your money and respawn to keep collecting. Most cash at the end wins!

Time-Limited Modes

Special limited-time modes will appear periodically, like 50v50 Team Deathmatch on Verdansk.

While currently limited to one map, we expect more classic maps like Caldera and Fortune’s Keep to be added over time to Warzone Mobile. The game should also see new modes added post-launch to keep the experience fresh.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Matches

Ready to rack up wins and dominate the competition in Warzone Mobile? Use these pro tips:

  • Pick landing spots carefully – named areas have better loot, but also more enemies contesting those spots early on. Remote areas are safer but have worse loot.
  • Adjust sensitivity settings to optimize aiming and reaction time for mobile controls. High sensitivity can make aiming and shooting easier.
  • Use headphones – spatial audio lets you better pinpoint enemy locations, especially footsteps. This awareness is a major advantage.
  • Prioritize finding satchels and large bags – more carry capacity means you can hold extra plates, ammunition, and gear.
  • Use tactical sprint sparingly as it drains your stamina – save it for rushing between cover spots in combat.
  • Ping constantly – use the ping system to call out enemies, loot, locations, and more to teammates. Information wins games.
  • Use cover wisely – don’t expose yourself needlessly. Peak out from cover to engage then return to safety.
  • Flank enemies when possible – use silencers and catch them by surprise from the sides or behind.

Mastering movement, gun skill, equipment use, and strategy will have you dominating Verdansk in no time!

Warzone Mobile FAQs

Is Warzone Mobile free to play?

Yes! As with console and PC, the core Warzone battle royale experience is completely free on mobile. No purchase required.

What devices can run Warzone Mobile?

Most modern iOS and Android phones can run the game smoothly. 2GB of RAM or greater is recommended along with Android 5.1 and above or iOS 11 and above.

Do I need a controller to play?

Not at all! Warzone Mobile has optimized touch controls so you can squad up and play using your phone screen. Of course, mobile controllers can further enhance the experience.

Does Warzone Mobile have crossplay?

Absolutely. Via linked Activision accounts, you can play with friends on consoles, PC, and other mobile users. Your progress and unlocks carry between versions.

Does Warzone Mobile have cross-progression?

Yes, your battle pass progress, purchased items, and overall account level will be shared across console, PC, and mobile if you use the same Activision account.

Are there bots in Warzone Mobile matches?

In some lower skill bracket matches, yes bots are used to fill lobbies. As your skill increases, real human players will fully populate your matches.

Can I play solo or team up?

You can queue into matches solo, duo, or in a full squad of four players. Crossplay lets you team up with friends on any platform.

How can I voice chat with teammates?

The game has built-in voice chat to allow communicating with your squad. Just connect a headphone with a mic!

So jump into Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile today for heart-pounding and addictive battle royale action on the go! This impressive mobile port brings the iconic Warzone experience to iOS and Android devices with excellent performance and cross-platform features. Master the deep gunplay, vehicles, inventory system and combat strategies to rack up those Victory Royales. See you in Verdansk!

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