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Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod Apk offers a multitude of features that enhance your gaming experience on mobile.
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Aug 14, 2023
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Brace yourself for heart-pounding horror! Dead by Daylight Mobile plunges you into deadly multiplayer matches where you either escape a vicious killer or take on the role of the killer yourself. With our graphics enhancing MOD, you’ll experience the terror like never before with adjusted FOV, shadows, and more.

This comprehensive guide will break down all the slasher gameplay, characters, perks, and tips for survival in Dead by Daylight Mobile. We’ll also highlight how the graphics mod cranks up the atmosphere. Time to enter the realm of the entity – just beware the horrors that lurk in the fog!

Core Gameplay

Dead by Daylight delivers asymmetric horror multiplayer action:

  • Play as survivors trying to escape or the killer trying to slay them
  • 4 survivors against 1 menacing killer per match
  • Huge variety of playable survivors and killers
  • Survivors must power generators and open exit gates to escape
  • Killer tries stopping them by any means necessary
  • Terrifying cat and mouse gameplay
  • Dead survivors become spectating ghosts
  • Visceral graphics and chilling audio

It’s a pulse-pounding game of tactical horror guaranteed to keep you on edge!

Survivor Gameplay

Playing as a survivor involves key goals:

  • Spawn separately across a dark, eerie map
  • Find and cooperate with teammates
  • Quietly power generators to unlock exit gates
  • Avoid the killer at all costs using stealth and cunning
  • Rescue allies from dangerous hook hangings
  • Make a mad dash to the exit when open
  • Terrifying first-person survivor perspective

With your life on the line, survivors must balance stealth and speed along with teamwork.

Killer Gameplay

Assuming the role of a deadly killer offers contrasting predatory gameplay:

  • Track down and pursue survivors
  • Variety of killer powers to strategically leverage
  • Hang survivors on meathooks to sacrifice them
  • Place traps, portals, and other hazards
  • Third-person perspective for greater situational awareness
  • No need for stealth or cooperation
  • Mercilessly hunt your prey!

It’s a savage predator versus prey experience where survival is never guaranteed.

Playable Characters

A diverse cast of survivors and killers brings unique traits:


  • Meg Thomas – Athletic sprinter
  • Claudette Morel – Medic botanist
  • Jake Park – Survivalist saboteur
  • Nea Karlsson – Street smart graffiti artist
  • Plus many more with distinct skills


  • The Trapper – Sets deadly beartraps
  • The Wraith – Stalks invisibly
  • The Hillbilly – Charges with chainsaw
  • The Nurse – Teleports through blinks
  • Plus other iconic slashers from your nightmares

Finding your favorites on both sides amplifies the experience.

Perks and Progression

Unique perks allow customization and progression:

  • Level up to unlock character perks
  • Equip perks for buffs and abilities
  • Teach universal perks to others
  • Prestige characters for cosmetics
  • Bloodweb randomly awards perks
  • Combine perks to match your strategy

The right perk loadout can make all the difference in your survival odds.

Maps and Realms

Varied maps provide the chilling settings:

  • MacMillan Estate – Rustbelt slaughterhouse
  • Coldwind Farm – Creepy backwoods barn
  • Crotus Prenn Asylum – Disturbing insane asylum
  • Plus other maps like temples, suburbs, and swamps
  • Multiple versions of each map
  • Dynamic day/night and weather
  • Realms reflect killer’s preferred hunting ground

Learning maps inside and out gives you a home turf advantage against the enemy.

Graphics Enhancing Mod Features

Now let’s discuss how the graphics mod enhances gameplay:

Unlocked FOV

  • Wider field of view than default
  • Improved peripheral vision
  • See more around you for better situational awareness

Darker Shadows

  • Adds depth and atmosphere to environments
  • New shadow effects added
  • Killer blends into darkness more easily

Visual Filters

  • Cinematic color grading filters
  • Tailor the visual tone using tints
  • Make the world grittier or more vivid

World Movement

  • Adjustable head bob, weapon bob, world rotation
  • Increase immersion like you’re really there
  • Optionally reduce motion sickness

Experience Dead by Daylight with greater environmental immersion thanks to the graphics enhancing mod!

Killer Tips and Strategies

Apply these predatory tactics as a ruthless killer:

  • Hook survivors in basement areas for added difficulty rescuing them.
  • Equip perks like Barbecue & Chilli that reveal survivor locations after hooking.
  • Don’t commit to lengthy chases if a survivor is looping effectively. Break off and pressure generators instead.
  • Herd survivors toward incomplete generators and zones with active traps.
  • Pretend to leave or look away to bait survivors into going for unhooks or generator repairs.
  • Save instadown abilities like chainsaws for moments when you need a quick knockout.
  • Customize perk loadouts and powers to reflect your killer’s strengths.

Survivor Tips and Strategies

Increase your odds of escape using these survivor techniques:

  • Constant situational awareness is key. Utilize any sight or sound cues to avoid the killer.
  • When the killer camps hooks, focus objectives and let the trapped player buy escape time.
  • Bring toolboxes to speed up generator repairs and unlock chests faster.
  • Use Bond, Kindred, and other information perks to stay coordinated with allies.
  • Avoid 3-gen situations where generators are clustered together. The killer can easily patrol them.
  • Be ready to abandon generators and hide at any moment – don’t get caught out in the open!

Master both sides of the hunt to prevail in this deadly game of cat and mouse!

Dead by Daylight Mobile Review

☠️ Incredible Asymmetric Horror

Playing as the killer versus trying to escape as a survivor provides two wildly different but equally fun experiences.

🎭 Diverse Character Variety

With tons of iconic survivors and killers to choose from, gameplay stays fresh for hundreds of hours.

🖌️ Killer Visuals

Detailed gore plus dark, eerie environments perfectly capture the slasher aesthetic.

🎧 Chilling Audio

From screams to slashing sound effects, audio is integral to the atmosphere. Use headphones!

🕹️ Control Options

Whether touch controls or gamepad, the game handles smoothly however you play.

📐 Enhanced Graphics

The FOV, shadow, filter, and motion mods let you fine tune visuals for maximum immersion.

For asymmetrical horror fans, Dead by Daylight Mobile is a must-play. Our graphics enhancements make the chilling world even more terrifyingly atmospheric!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players are in a match?

Matches consist of 4 survivor players versus 1 killer player. No AI bots exist.

Does the game require internet connection?

Yes, you must be connected online to play since it’s a multiplayer-only game.

Do I lose items or offerings after a match?

Yes, consumable items you bring into a trial are used up whether you escape or not.

Can you play with friends?

Yes, you can party up and survive together! Voice chat makes coordination easier.

Is the graphics mod detectable?

No, the visual changes are only client-side so you won’t get banned for mods like FOV, filters, etc.

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