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Oct 28, 2023
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Get ready for fast-paced arcade shooting action in Jackal Squad! This addictive bullet hell game tests your reflexes across hundreds of challenging levels and modes. 🎮

In this gameplay guide, we’ll review Jackal Squad’s frantic FPS mechanics, tips for dominating levels, and how the unlimited money mod lets you go wild with firepower. Let’s do this!

Overview of Jackal Squad

In Jackal Squad, you take control of an elite soldier armed to the teeth against hordes of enemies. Here’s an overview:

  • 150+ action-packed shooting levels.
  • 8 unique environments like cities, military bases, space, and more.
  • Dozens of enemy types including soldiers, robots, mechs, aliens.
  • 15 powerful upgradable firearms like assault rifles, miniguns, flamethrowers.
  • Tower defense style gameplay as you defend zones.
  • Special bosses that require strategy to defeat.
  • Daily challenges and tournaments for bonuses.
  • Leaderboards to compete against other players.

It blends the intense arcade action of classic shooters with the methodical strategy of tower defense for a truly hybrid experience. If you like nonstop action paired with tactical gameplay, Jackal Squad delivers!

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Let’s break down the moment-to-moment first person shooting gameplay:

Movement and Shooting

  • Move and aim your character’s viewpoint with touch or tilt controls.
  • Fire endless bullets at the constant waves of incoming enemies.
  • Dodge and weave between enemy shots.
  • Destroy all enemies before they reach your zone.

Waves and Enemies

  • Survive against waves of diverse enemy types and formations.
  • Enemies have different behaviors – some rush you, others take cover.
  • Defeat full waves to progress to the next level.
  • Adapt your strategy to counter new enemies.

Upgrades and Firearms

  • Collect coins from defeated enemies to purchase powerful upgradable guns.
  • Upgrade gun stats like fire rate, reload speed, damage, etc.
  • Unlock special abilities for different weapons.
  • Swap between guns to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Health Management

  • Getting hit drops your limited health.
  • Health regenerates between waves if any remains.
  • Balancing health and ammo requires skill.
  • Special power-ups can replenish your health.

Mixing strategic health and ammo conservation with adrenaline-pumping FPS action makes for intensely fun gameplay!

Level Variety

What sets Jackal Squad apart from other arcade shooters is the huge diversity of levels and modes that keep gameplay exciting:

  • 150+ unique hand-crafted levels across 8 environments.
  • Day/night cycles that affect enemy visibility and paths.
  • Weather effects like rain, wind, lightning, and snow to contend with.
  • Special limited-time holiday events with themed levels.
  • Elite levels packed with special enemies and bosses.
  • Difficulty options to make levels easier or harder.
  • Additional game modes like survival, time attack, and more.

There’s a staggering amount of content and challenges to master, whether you’re a casual player or hardcore FPS veteran.

Key Survival Tips

Mastering the action-packed levels in Jackal Squad requires lightning reflexes and tactical decisions. Here are some essential tips:

  • Strafe and use cover – Don’t just stand still while shooting!
  • Manage health wisely – Know when to pull back and let health regen.
  • Upgrade vital guns first – Focus on go-to weapons before experimenting.
  • Exploit enemy weaknesses – Use the right guns for different enemy types.
  • Study enemy attack patterns – Learn behaviors to dodge shots and return fire.
  • Conserve ammo between waves – Resist wasting shots once a wave is cleared.
  • Analyze failures – When you lose, identify upgrades and strategy improvements for next time.

With sharp reflexes and smart health, ammo, and upgrade management, you’ll dominate even the most overwhelming enemy waves. Now get out there, soldier!

MOD Features (Unlimited Money)

Earning coins to purchase and upgrade weapons is core to Jackal Squad’s progression. But with unlimited money, you gain a huge advantage:

  • All guns unlocked – Access the full arsenal immediately!
  • Max upgrades – Fully upgrade every gun right away.
  • Endless ammo – Never worry about conserving shots.
  • Free revives – Continue instantly rather than watching ads.
  • Pure skill focus – Worry only about tactics rather than finances.
  • Fun free play – Enjoy creating superpowered loadouts.

The unlimited money mod lets you fully focus on honing your reflexes and strategies without financial limitations. Great for advanced players wanting pure action!

Review of Jackal Squad

What We Liked 👍

  • Hundreds of diverse, challenging levels across many environments.
  • Huge arsenal of upgradable firearms to master.
  • Mix of tactical thinking and intense arcade shooting action.
  • Test your skills against daily challenges and tournaments.
  • Leaderboards for competing with other players.


With its massive selection of maps and modes coupled with a huge variety of weapons, Jackal Squad provides a top-tier arcade FPS experience on mobile. Fans of nonstop action will find hours of intense fun. And the unlimited money mod lets you instantly access all the overpowered guns and upgrades for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jackal Squad free to play?

Yes, Jackal Squad is completely free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases but they are not required.

How much storage space is needed?

Jackal Squad takes up about 150 MB of storage space on most devices. Consider extra space needed for updates.

Do the graphics settings adjust for lower-end devices?

Yes, Jackal Squad has graphics options to lower resolution and effects for smoother gameplay on less powerful devices.

How often does the game receive updates?

Major content updates with new guns, levels, enemies, and modes come every 2-3 months. Limited events and rewards are added more frequently.

Can you play Jackal Squad on PC?

Jackal Squad is currently only available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. A PC or console port has not been announced.

So brace yourself for intense combat action as you blast through hundreds of enemies in Jackal Squad! With a huge arsenal and unlimited money for upgrades, you’ll have the firepower to handle any challenge thrown your way. Time to lock and load!

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