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Stumble Guys Premium APK allows you to get unlimited Money and Gems. You can also unlock animation, emoji and footsteps.
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Jan 5, 2024
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Get ready to stumble your way to victory in Stumble Guys, the wacky ragdoll battle royale sensation! Up to 32 players brawl across chaotic maps cluttered with obstacles and traps, aiming to be the last person standing. Master diving, rolling, and strategically stumbling through mayhem to outlast opponents while collecting coins and powerups. With rounds lasting just a couple minutes, it’s easy to lose hours upon hours battling friends.

This guide will cover the core gameplay, game modes, customization, powerups, strategy tips and pro techniques. We’ll also look at how the mega mod menu in the modded version can provide everything unlimited like free skins and level skipping. So warm up those floppy limbs, and let’s get ready to rumble and stumble!

Overview of Gameplay

Stumble Guys distills physics-driven battle royale chaos into quick bite-sized rounds. Core gameplay includes:

  • 🥋 Ragdoll Physics – Floppy boneless characters bump, crash, and tumble realistically through levels.
  • 🤜 Punching & Grabbing – Knock out opponents or grab and shove them off ledges.
  • 🏃‍♂️Race to the Finish – Scramble across obstacle courses littered with traps like a wobbly game ofobstaclerace.
  • 💰Collect Coins – Gather coins scattered around levels to unlock skins and upgrades.
  • 🏆 Eliminate All – Eliminate everyone else while surviving until the end to win Crown Shards.
  • Powerups – Gain temporary advantages like speed boosts, trampolines and boxing gloves.

The emergent physical comedy combined with strategic shoving and grappling creates endless multiplayer mayhem. Now let’s dive deeper into gameplay elements and techniques.

Gameplay Elements and Techniques

Mastering Stumble Guys’ floppy physics takes practice. Here are the key skills to focus on:


Running, jumping, diving, rolling and dodging obstacles.


Punching, grabbing and shoving opponents off ledges.

Level Knowledge

Learning layouts and trap locations through repetition.


Using boosts like magnets and jetpacks effectively.


Bouncing back after crashes to minimize downtime.


Nimbly adapting to the chaos unfolding around you.

Item Grabbing

Snatching items like crowns and coins before others.


Lying in wait to surprise unsuspecting foes.

Drill these skills until stumbling reflexively through chaos becomes second nature. Now let’s look at the game modes available.

Game Modes

Stumble Guys features standard battle royale modes along with rotating special modes:

Battle Royale

  • Up to 32 players
  • Eliminate opponents while surviving chaotic courses
  • Last player standing at the end wins


  • Team up with a friend
  • Work together until only one duo remains


  • Players have a time limit to eliminate as many opponents as possible
  • Most eliminations within time wins

Item Modes

  • Special limited-time modes with wacky objects like massive soccer balls, rolling logs or explosive onions

The fast-paced rounds and variety of modes will have you battling for hours on end. Next let’s cover customizing your rag doll.

Customizing Your Character

Give your floppy fighter style with unlockable skins, emotes and accessories:


  • Fun outfits like pandas, astronauts, pirates and more
  • Prestige skins require completing achievements
  • Change head, body, and limbs separately


  • Show off with dance moves like Flossing and Building
  • Taunts like Laughing, Crying and Rage emotes


  • Hats like crowns, helmets, masks and wizard hats
  • Glasses and other stylish flair


  • Change particle effects trailing your movement
  • Options like hearts, stars, fire and more

With so many cosmetics to mix and match, you can build a truly unique stumbler. Now let’s talk about powerups.


Powerups provide useful abilities and advantages:

  • 👊 Boxing Gloves – Increase punching power temporarily.
  • 💨Speed Boost – Gain a burst of speed to sprint ahead of others.
  • 🪜Ladders – Create ramps and bridges to access tricky areas.
  • 🧲Magnets – Pull in all nearby coins for a short time.
  • 🧳Invisibility – Temporarily vanish from opponents’ views.
  • 🦵Stomp Boots – Trample multiple foes at once.
  • 🕹️Trampolines – Bounce to normally unreachable spots.
  • 💣Bombs – Knock back enemies caught in the blast radius.

Use powerups at critical moments to gain an edge. For example, a well-timed invisibility can let you ambush pursuers!

Now let’s move on to tips and strategies for lasting until the end.

Tips and Strategies for Victory

Use these pro tips to improve your survival odds and outlast opponents:

  • Learn level layouts until they become muscle memory.
  • Trap opponents between obstacles like rolling logs.
  • Grab powerups before engaging combat when possible.
  • At round start, sprint ahead of the pack quickly.
  • Catch enemies off guard by corner camping or hiding in bushes.
  • Dive kick off opponents already recovering from falls.
  • Don’t get greedy chasing stars – survival comes first!
  • In duos, stick close to teammates and cover each other.
  • When low on health, play cautiously until you can recover.

With experience, you’ll start consistently stumbling onto the victors’ podium!

Mega Mod Menu Benefits

Installing the mod menu unlocks these powerful benefits:

Unlimited Money

  • Endless coins to buy characters, skins, trails and more
  • Instantly unlock the rarest outfits and cosmetics

Level Skip

  • Skip level requirements and instantly unlock everything

No Wait

  • Remove waiting times to instantly retry levels
  • Get back into action faster after getting eliminated

Fun Hacks

  • Super punch – send enemies flying with powerful hits
  • Low gravity mode for hilarious slow motion gameplay

And More!

  • Speed hack, unlimited health, always imposter and other cheats
  • Custom skins, auto win modes, and additional cheats

The mega menu removes all grinding so you can enjoy wacky ragdoll fun with unlimited customization.

Tips for Using the Mod Menu

Here are some tips for dominating with mod menu cheats enabled:

  • Enable no clip mode to pass freely through obstacles
  • In low gravity, float to otherwise unreachable spots
  • Use speed hacks to zip across finish lines
  • Unlock all skins immediately to stand out in style
  • Autocomplete rounds quickly when grinding crowns
  • Have fun testing crazy skin combinations
  • Use subtle aim hacks and speed boosts online against friends
  • Go wild with cheats in free play and private matches

Just be careful not to enable anything that could risk your main account if playing online. Have fun but stay safe!

Final Tips for Stumbling Glory

Here are some last tips before dominating the competition:

  • Memorize shortcuts that avoid dense trafficked areas.
  • Play patiently – rushing into mobs causes instant loss.
  • Knock out weakened limping enemies first before healthy ones.
  • Stay unpredictable – run zigzags patterns to evade pursuers.
  • Slow down and assess the chaos before blindly leaping into it.
  • Remain calm under pressure. Rage tilts lead to crucial mistakes!

Follow these tips and stay light on your feet, and you’ll be the last one standing in no time. Now get out there, flail wildly, and take home those crowns!


We’ve covered all the satisfyingly chaotic gameplay elements that make Stumble Guys so addicting and fun. Key takeaways include:

  • Master rag doll physics like diving, punching, shoving to defeat foes.
  • Memorize level layouts and use powerups effectively.
  • Unlock awesome skins, emotes, trails and accessories to show off style.
  • Apply tips and strategies to improve survival time against the competition.
  • Use the mega mod menu to unlock everything instantly and enable crazy cheats!
  • Stumbling your way to victory against friends never gets old.

So let the hilarious physics chaos commence! We’ll see you out there for the next round of epic stumbling action. Just try not to faceplant too hard!

Here are Some Common Stumble Guys Questions

Is the game online multiplayer only?

No, there are single player modes with AI bots along with the main online multiplayer versus modes. No internet is needed for offline.

Do my skins and progress carry over across devices?

Yes! Sync to your Kitty account or log in via Google Play Games to share unlocks and progress across all devices.

Do mods work on both iOS and Android?

Unfortunately mod menus only work reliably on Android at this time. iOS restricts downloading modded apps.

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