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Grab your tools and materials, and start transforming dull houses into dream homes using the House Flipper Mod Apk.
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House Flipper is a wildly popular home renovation game that lets you buy, design, repair, and decorate houses for profit. If you love interior design, home improvement projects, and flipping real estate, House Flipper provides endless fun.

This in-depth guide will cover House Flipper’s addictive gameplay, detailed design features, and the benefits of the MOD APK for unlimited cash. Read on to learn everything about running your own virtual house flipping business!

Overview of House Flipper Gameplay

The core gameplay loop of House Flipper centers around purchasing run down or outdated properties, renovating them, decorating stylishly, then selling for a profit. Here are some key elements:

  • Home Buying – Browse listings and purchase houses to flip, from fixers to mansions.
  • Design & Remodeling – Demolish, build walls, upgrade systems, expand rooms and more.
  • Cleaning – Scrub nasty grime, apply fresh paint, and make dingy houses sparkle.
  • Interior Decorating – Furnish homes with hundreds of items to create trendy or classic styles.
  • Landscaping – Plant gardens, trees and enhance the exterior surroundings.
  • Inspections & Repairs – Fix reported issues to pass inspections and keep tenants happy.
  • Real Estate Sales – Stage and sell finished homes for profit, then reinvest in new properties.

The simple controls and accessible gameplay make flipping accessible for anyone, while still providing depth through real estate investing strategy and advanced design options.

Key Features of House Flipper

In addition to the core renovation gameplay loop, House Flipper contains many extra features and modes:

Extensive Home Design Options

House Flipper provides tons of customization for remodeling and decorating your flips:

  • Hundreds of furniture, appliances and decor items
  • Lighting fixtures, switches and outlets
  • Flooring materials like tile, wood, carpet
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Exterior siding, roofs, windows and doors
  • Wall paints, trims, baseboards, and crown molding
  • Gardens, pools, patios and outdoor items
  • Much more!

You have total control to style homes in any decor theme imaginable.

Detailed Home Building Tools

Remodel homes and expand floorplans using advanced construction tools:

  • Demolish and build walls
  • Create rooms and floorplan layouts
  • Lay electrical wiring and plumbing
  • Install new windows, doors, railings
  • Place roofing tiles, edges and domes
  • Mount cabinets, sinks, toilets and more

No construction job is too big with the deep building options available.

Property Hunting & Investment

Build your real estate investment portfolio by buying, flipping and selling homes for profit:

  • Search property listings
  • Analyze fixer upper profit potential
  • Purchase homes outright or finance
  • Remodel and stage homes for sale
  • Set asking prices based on market values
  • Sell houses for a markup after improving
  • Grow your capital to invest in more expensive properties

Satisfying Cleanup Tools

Transform disgusting homes into spotless abodes using the grime-fighting tools:

  • Mops, buckets and vacuums
  • Steam cleaners for tiles and grout
  • Paint rollers and spray guns
  • Pressure washers for exterior grime
  • Radiators, fans, boxes and more that collect dust
  • Trash bags for hauling junk out

No mess is too gross for you. Make once cruddy homes cleaner than ever.

Realistic Simulation

Advanced physics and graphics create an authentic renovation simulation:

  • Realistic materials, lighting and textures
  • Functional water and electricity systems
  • Operating fixtures and appliances
  • Visible progress as you clean and repair
  • Thoughtful decorating combinations
  • Challenging construction scenarios

With so much attention to detail across all aspects of home renovation, House Flipper creates an incredibly realistic experience.

Benefits of House Flipper MOD APK

The Modified APK version of House Flipper provides some nice advantages:

Unlimited Money

Have unlimited cash to purchase any home you want right from the start, furnished with high end decor, without needing to grind for profits.

All Houses & Tools Unlocked

All properties, furniture items, tools, and cosmetics will be unlocked and available for use immediately.

No Need to Sleep

Your energy does not decrease, so you can work nonstop without having to sleep to refill energy.

No Annoying Ads

Enjoy an ad-free experience that won’t interrupt your focus while designing and flipping homes.

For gamers who want to focus purely on the fun home renovation gameplay rather than money management, the House Flipper MOD APK delivers big quality of life improvements for an optimally enjoyable experience.

Design Tips for Attractive Flips

Follow these home design tips to create attractive and profitable flips that home buyers drool over:

  • Use neutral wall colors like grays, tans and whites as a base for bold accents colors in furnishings and decor.
  • Let in natural light by maximizing window placement and using sheer curtains for bright, welcoming spaces.
  • Add statement pieces like eye-catching artwork, sculptures or an accent wall with bold wallpaper.
  • Blend old with new by pairing vintage finds like antique nightstands with modern beds and lighting.
  • Consider sightlines by aligning furniture and openings so rooms flow visually from each area to the next.
  • Separate spaces through flooring changes, ceiling drops, columns and other architectural elements that define each room.
  • Mix up textures like natural wood dining tables contrasted against sleek leather sofas for depth.
  • Highlight architectural features like exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings and rustic wood beams.

Using these design principles will make your flips feel cohesive, interesting and appealing to the widest range of home buyers.

Pro Tips for Efficient Flipping

Become an elite virtual house flipper using these pro tips:

  • Focus on upgrading bathrooms, kitchens and flooring first since they offer the highest ROI.
  • Repair all issues before decorating so you know what budget is left.
  • Use cheap secondhand furniture from the start to save cash for expensive upgrades later.
  • Only renovate rooms buyers will see – Optimize living spaces over closets.
  • Demo everything early on so you have a blank canvas to work with in remodeling.
  • Buy high-end appliances and fixtures that boost home value significantly.
  • Add curb appeal features like paver driveways, flower beds and front porches.
  • Set house prices 10-20% above your reno costs for healthy profit margins.
  • Take advantage of seasonal home price trends by listing in peak spring/summer months.

Using these expert tips will help you work smarter, maximize profits, and become a virtual real estate mogul quickly!

House Flipper Rooms Guide

House Flipper allows you to remodel all of these room types when flipping homes:


  • Cabinets, countertops & backsplashes
  • Islands, bars and dining areas
  • Sinks, ranges, ovens and fridges
  • Pantries, wine racks and butcher blocks


  • Toilets, tubs, showers
  • Vanity sinks and medicine cabinets
  • Tile, lighting and storage options


  • Beds, nightstands and dressers
  • Wardrobes, bookshelves and desks
  • Lamps, art and decorative accents

Living Rooms

  • Sectionals, sofas and chairs
  • Coffee, console & side tables
  • Media centers, wall art and rug

Dining Rooms

  • Tables, buffets and china cabinets
  • Pendant lights and chandeliers
  • Window treatments and glassware

Offices / Studies

  • Desks, bookcases and filing cabinets
  • Office chairs and desk lighting
  • Laptops, phones, notebooks and clocks

And outdoor areas like decks, patios, yards, pools and more!

House Flipper DLC List

Here are all the currently available DLC packs that add more content and locations to the base House Flipper game:

Garden DLC

Outdoor landscaping tools to design stunning gardens, pools, patios and areas.


Official partnership content from HGTV shows and talents.

Luxury DLC

High end furniture and items for mansion flips worth millions.

Cyberpunk DLC

Futuristic and sci-fi themed items for unique flips.

Christmas DLC

Holiday-themed furniture and decorations for festive flips.

Pets DLC

Pet beds, toys, bowls and items to stage pet-friendly homes.

Expansion DLC

Adds a new coastal Pacific County location to renovate homes in.

The game is constantly expanding with new DLC additions, giving you even more customization and room types to work with in your flips. Add the DLC packs that most interest you!

House Flipper Mods List

One of the best parts of House Flipper on PC is support for mods that expand and customize the experience. Here are some top mods to enhance gameplay:

More Floors

Adds basement and upstairs floors to homes for added vertical renovation options.

New Furniture Sets

Hundreds of new furniture and decor items imported from the Steam Workshop.

Maid Service

Hire a maid service to routinely clean homes and save you time.

Property Agent

Adds a property agent NPC that helps you buy and sell homes for a fee.

Gardening Expansion

Massive gardening content addition with new plants, trees and landscaping items.

Open All Interiors

Lets you remodel and decorate the interior of every home on each block fully.

Real Estate Business

Advanced real estate simulation systems and investment opportunities.

MoveAnything Cheat

Powerful cheat tool that lets you move, rotate, and clip any item for total freedom.

Browse Steam Workshop or NexusMods for hundreds more mods that dramatically expand what’s possible in House Flipper!

House Flipper Tips and Tricks

Use these tips and tricks to flip homes faster and maximize profits:

  • Clean up trash and grime before starting renovations since it’s satisfying and saves money.
  • Only renovate what you need to for staging – Some flaws buyers won’t care about.
  • Focus on upgrading bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and facades for best ROI.
  • Research public home value data to accurately estimate purchase and sale prices.
  • Use the duplication exploit to copy expensive furnishings you already own between homes.
  • Enable all helper options in the gameplay menu for automatic cleaning and other handy assists.
  • Sort furniture catalogue items by newest first to easily find latest DLC additions.
  • Buy cheap appliances and fixtures at first, then replace with high end versions later.
  • Watch TV home improvement shows in-game for useful renovation advice and tips.

Implementing these strategies from the start will fast track your success at designing, renovating and selling virtual dream homes in House Flipper!

House Flipper FAQs

Is House Flipper single player or multiplayer?

House Flipper is single player only currently, no multiplayer functionality exists. The developers have not announced any plans for co-op or PvP multiplayer modes.

Is there an ending or story campaign?

No, House Flipper provides sandbox gameplay focused on designing and renovating properties endlessly for profit, not story or set objectives.

How many homes are in the base game?

The base game includes a neighborhood of around 15-20 fixer upper homes you can purchase, remodel, and sell for profit.

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