League Of Legends: Wild Rift MOD APK + OBB (Show Enemy, Drone View)
LOL Wild Rift Mod Apk includes options like showing enemy locations and a comprehensive drone view. You can take your gaming experience further.
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Oct 3, 2023
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League of Legends: Wild Rift is the popular MOBA game League of Legends adapted for mobile devices. As one of the most popular PC games in the world, there was huge excitement when Riot Games announced they would be bringing League of Legends to mobile.

Wild Rift delivers the core League of Legends experience while optimizing it for mobile. The gameplay is fast-paced, strategic, and fun. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the gameplay and features that make Wild Rift so engaging.

Overview of Gameplay

Wild Rift gameplay will feel instantly familiar to League of Legends veterans. Two teams of 5 players compete to destroy the enemy’s Nexus. Players control a powerful champion with unique abilities and battle it out on a map with 3 lanes and a jungle area.

Some key elements of Wild Rift gameplay:

  • 5v5 PVP Matches: Two teams of 5 real players battle head-to-head. No bots or AI opponents here.
  • Strategy and Teamwork: Communication and coordinating with your teammates is key. The depth of strategy separates Wild Rift from casual mobile games.
  • Pick Your Champion: Wild Rift launched with around 40 champions and adds more regularly. There’s a diverse roster to choose from.
  • Lane Pushing: Defeat enemies and minions to push your lane and destroy towers. Reach the enemy Nexus to win.
  • Epic Teamfights: 5v5 teamfights are where the real action happens. Positioning and ability usage determines the outcome.
  • Objectives: Secure major objectives like Baron Nashor and the Elemental Drakes to get an edge.

Wild Rift condenses the League experience into 15-20 minute matches that distill the PVP action. Now let’s look at some of the features that make Wild Rift shine on mobile.

Exciting Features

Responsive Virtual Joystick Controls

Wild Rift uses a virtual joystick control scheme. Players use one joystick to move around the map and a second joystick to aim skillshots and abilities. The controls are responsive and customizable to each player’s preference. Targeting enemies and landing skillshots feels great.

Dynamic Camera Angle

The Wild Rift camera dynamically zooms in and out to showcase the action during battles. When fighting in close quarters, the view shifts to an over-the-shoulder angle so you can precisely aim abilities. The flexible camera makes the gameplay more immersive.

Shorter Match Times

A typical Wild Rift match takes 15-20 minutes, perfect for mobile gaming in quick sessions. Matches distill League of Legends down to constant 5v5 skirmishing and big teamfight moments. You get right into the action.

Simplified Items and Runes

To accommodate the faster pace, Wild Rift simplifies items and Runes compared to League on PC. There are fewer items to learn, and building your champion for battle is streamlined.

High Skill Cap and ESports Potential

While designed for mobile, Wild Rift has the strategic depth and competitive spirit of League of Legends on PC. The touch controls allow for exciting outplays. As players improve, the skill ceiling is massive. Wild Rift has robust esports potential.

Play with Friends

Team up with friends in the same lane using Duo Queue matchmaking. Also join voice chat to easily coordinate plays. Playing with friends makes conquering the Rift more fun.

Key Differences from League of Legends on PC

Riot Games designed Wild Rift as a separate game from League on PC rather than a direct port. This allowed them to tailor the game for mobile and create the ideal League experience on phones and tablets. Here are some of the biggest differences:

Smaller Map Size

The Wild Rift map is similar to Summoner’s Rift on PC but 40% smaller. With fewer towers and shorter lanes, matches move at a faster pace. Long standoffs are less common—you get right into fighting the enemy team.

Streamlined Abilities

Some champions in Wild Rift have abilities changed or removed compared to the PC version. The goal is to simplify champions for the faster combat on mobile. For example, Lee Sin’s Ward system was removed.

Balanced for Duo Lane

The duo lane meta is standard in Wild Rift with two players in the bottom lane. Many marksmen champions are balanced around having a support ally in their lane. This puts more emphasis on bot lane matchups.

No Wards

Warding the map to gain vision of enemies is deeply strategic on PC. But Wild Rift removes regular Sight Wards to speed up the pace. The jungle does have some brushes for ambushes.

No Inhibitors

Destroying inhibitors to stop enemy minions from spawning in a lane isn’t part of Wild Rift matches. Games move right to the final Nexus towers and conclusion.

How Matches Progress

Now let’s take a closer look at how a standard Wild Rift match unfolds from start to explosive finish!

Champion Select

Each player picks a champion to control for the battle ahead. Consider your team composition and pick synergistic champions and lanes. Discuss strategies with allies.

Loading Screen

The loading screen shows both team’s champions and players. Make a plan for early laning based on matchups. The battle begins in 15 seconds!

Laning Phase

At the start, lane against your opponent and farm minions for gold. Play safely if you have a weaker early champion. Coordinate ganks and dives with your jungler.

First Blood

Draw first blood by getting the first kill of the match! This rewards bonus gold to get your builds going. But don’t get overaggressive and give away a return kill.

Objective Control

Around 5 minutes in the Mighty Jungle creeps spawn. Win teamfights to secure these powerful buffs for your team. Vision and positioning around major objectives is key.

Mid Game Skirmishes

Roam between lanes for ganks and teamfights. Contesting epic monsters like Baron Nashor when they spawn can swing the whole match. Collapse on enemies that are out of position.

Final Push

Approximately 15 minutes in, try to force sieges on the enemy Nexus towers. Look for catches and picks that allow you to push aggressively. End the game decisively!

Nexus Destruction

Press your advantage and destroy the final Nexus towers and crystal to achieve victory! Coordinate with teammates to focus fire the Nexus. GG!

The condensed 15-20 minute match length makes every moment exciting. Now let’s see how certain champions and roles fit into the Wild Rift ecosystem.

Champion Classes and Roles


Marksmen champions like Ashe and Jinx deal sustained physical damage from range. They scale hard into the late game so protect them. Many play in the duo lane paired with a support. Positioning in teamfights is vital for marksmen. They stand behind their tank allies and shred opponents with their heavy DPS. Critical strikes and attack speed are core stats for marksmen.


Mages excel at bursting down enemies with their dangerous magical abilities. Champions like Orianna and Lux favor ranged abilities with heavy damage and AoE crowd control effects. Mages rely on cooldown reduction to spam spells. They aim to win lane dominance early with their spells, then blow up squishies in mid to late game teamfights.


Assassins specialize in swiftly eliminating enemy squishies. Champions like Zed and Fizz do massive single target burst damage. They wait for the perfect time to go in for the kill on vulnerable high value targets. Assassins are masters of hit-and-run tactics using their mobility. Building armor and health counters them.


Tanks soak up damage and lock down opponents for their team. Champions like Malphite and Dr. Mundo have immense defense thanks to health, armor, magic resist and often shields or healing. Tanks initiate fights and peel enemies off their damage dealers. They enable their teammates to do their jobs.


Supports aide and protect their marksman lane partner. Champions like Nami and Lulu have healing, shields, buffs and CC. They start weak but gain utility later. A clutch support ultimate often swings close teamfights. They don’t require much gold so support allies by roaming and setting up vision.


Fighters thrive in extended melee combat using sustained damage and survival tools. Champions like Darius and Garen seek to outlast foes with healing, shields and resists. Most build a mix of damage and defense. They excel at small skirmishes and 1v1 duels then dive the backline in teamfights.

Playing in Each Lane

Now let’s explore tactics and tips for winning your lane in Wild Rift:

Top Lane Tips

Many tanks and fighters occupy the top lane, though some mages work too. Survive and farm safely at early levels against scary opponents. Call for ganks against overextended enemies. In teamfights, either disrupt their backline or peel for your own. Teleport adds playmaking to split pushes and fights.

Mid Lane Guidance

Mid is home to mages and some assassins. Shove and roam to impact side lanes. Weave around skillshots in 1v1 duels. In fights, unleash AoE abilities and blow up priority targets. Vision of river and objectives is vital for mid control. Always watch your positioning against assassins looking to pick you off.

Duo Lane Dynamics

The duo lane marksman and support must work together to thrive. Farm safely early and scale up. When your support roams, play back and just soak XP. Supports, establish vision control and look for playmaking engages. Transition leads into sieging towers and dominating teamfights later on.

Jungle Strategy

As the jungler, efficiently clear camps while tracking the enemy jungler. Gank overextended lanes and objectives like Rift Herald. Maximize farm to hit item spikes and carry in the mid game. Earn gold from plentiful jungle camps on respawn and stay ahead in levels.

Runes For Champions

Runes are enhancements chosen in champion select that give you special stats and effects. Here are some of the most popular and effective rune builds for Wild Rift champions:


Primary: Precision

  • Fleet Footwork – Gives healing and a burst of movement speed from attacking. Great survivability for marksmen.
  • Weakness – Deal more damage to CCed opponents. Marksmen pump out reliable damage so this has high uptime.

Secondary: Resolve

  • Bone Plating – Block incoming burst damage. Triggers a cooldown when taking champion damage.
  • Hunter Titan – Gain bonus health. Improves marksmen durability.


Primary: Domination

  • Electrocute – Deal bonus burst damage when landing 3 separate attacks or abilities within a few seconds. Mages can proc this reliably with their spells.
  • Cheap Shot – Bonus true damage when impairing enemy champions. Stuns, slows, etc. trigger this.

Secondary: Precision

  • Manaflow Band – Refunds mana when casting abilities. Solves mage mana constraints.
  • Scorch – Burn enemies with periodic true damage. Fits mages’ poke playstyle.


Primary: Precision

  • Conqueror – Gain stacking bonus AD when attacking. Rewards extended trades.
  • Legend: Bloodline – Heal for a percent of physical damage dealt. Sustain and dueling power.

Secondary: Domination

  • Treasure Hunter – Snowball gold advantage off takedowns. Accelerates assassins’ item spikes.
  • Relentless Hunter – Out of combat movement speed. Excellent for roaming and catching enemies.


Primary: Resolve

  • Grasp of the Undying – Gain permanent health stacks in combat. Reward for frequent trading.
  • Hunter: Titan – Bonus health to further improve tankiness.

Secondary: Precision

  • Triumph – Restore health on takedowns. Keeps tanks healthy after fights and ganks.
  • Legend: Tenacity – Reduce duration of CC effects. Prevent getting locked down.

Pro Tips For Improvement

If you want to climb ranked and improve quickly at Wild Rift, here are some pro tips:

  • Master 2-3 champions in your main role. Knowing matchups and limits takes many games.
  • Learn to CS excellently. Aim for 8+ CS per minute. Gold and XP leads win lanes.
  • Vision wins games. Upgrade your trinket. Control objectives with vision.
  • Avoid pointless deaths. Don’t take risky fights when behind. Careful positioning in teamfights is key.
  • Communicate with pings. Ping objectives, warn allies of ganks, signal target focus in fights.
  • Review your replays to analyze mistakes and improve decision making.
  • Duo queue with a partner for coordinated play. Take objectives after ganks.

Stick with it, focus on incremental improvement, and you’ll climb the ranks in no time. Now let’s look at some of the ways to modify Wild Rift for extra fun.

Wild Rift Mod Features (MOD, Show Enemy, Drone View)

The standard Wild Rift game is a fantastic experience, especially for competitive players seeking to test their skills. However, some players prefer a more casual approach and like to customize their experience. This is where mods come in!

Mods allow you to enable fun extra features that aren’t in the base game like showing enemy positions and exploring with a free camera. Let’s look at some cool mods and how to activate them:

Map Hack (Show Enemies)

One popular mod reveals all enemies on the minimap regardless of fog of war. You’ll be able to see opponents moving through the jungle, setting up ganks and ambushes, and approaching objectives. While this gives a major unfair advantage, some enjoy the improved map awareness.

Free Camera Drone View

Normally the camera is locked to your champion. But mods can enable a free-floating drone camera detached from your hero! Freely pan and look around the entire map like a spectator. See fights from any angle. Again, this is mostly used for entertainment rather than competitive play.

How To Use Mods

First, it’s important to note that mods are not officially supported by Riot and can get your account banned if detected. Many mods involve editing game files which is prohibited. However, some mods use non-invasive overlays which are harder to detect. Use mods carefully!

With that major disclaimer, here are instructions for enabling some of these extra features:

  • Download the Wild Rift mod script package and unzip it. Follow any included instructions carefully.
  • Open the mod injector program and point it to your Wild Rift app. Choose which mods like map hacks to inject.
  • Launch Wild Rift through the mod injector. The mods should now be enabled in your game!

Have fun exploring Wild Rift in a whole new way! But play fairly in PvP matches or accounts could be penalized.


That covers the core gameplay, features, champions, strategy, and modifications available in Wild Rift. Riot delivered an incredible League of Legends experience optimized for mobile. The 5v5 matches offer competitive depth with matches under 20 minutes.

Mastering Wild Rift requires expert skill – from mechanics to macro strategy. But anyone can instantly have fun with the huge variety of champions and explosive teamfight action. Try different roles and champions until you find your favorite. Learn from losses, improve with practice, and climb the ranks!

With regular updates and events, Wild Rift continues to evolve. An engaged esports scene is developing. And playing with friends takes the enjoyment to another level. Whether you’re a PC League veteran or new to MOBAs, now is a great time to dive into the competitive joy of League of Legends: Wild Rift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which controllers work with Wild Rift?

Wild Rift has built-in support for many Bluetooth controllers like Xbox and PlayStation controllers. This allows for precise controls similar to League on PC.

Can I play with friends on different servers?

Unfortunately not; you can only party up with friends on the same server. Make sure you choose the same server region.

Are there rank decay or promotions?

Yes, ranks now decay if you don’t play ranked regularly. And promotions with skippable divisions were also added more recently.

How do you unlock champions?

You can unlock champions with Blue Motes earned from playing or purchase them with Wild Cores. A rotation of free champions is available too.

What are Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby chromas?

These exclusive chromas become available on a skin when you reach specific ranks while using that skin. It shows off your ranked achievements!

Is voice chat built into the game?

Yes, Wild Rift has a native voice chat system parties can use for communication and coordination. You can mute specific players.

Are there bans in ranked?

Draft pick ranked adds 4 bans per team. This allows players to block out very strong meta champions each match.

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