Summoners Greed MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, Resources)

Summoner's Greed Mod Apk allows you to skip most of the grind and fully enjoy the formation and progression strategy.
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Nov 2, 2023
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If you love tower defense games but wish they were more idle and incremental, then look no further than Summoners Greed! This unique mix of TD strategy and idle gaming offers super addictive gameplay that you can enjoy in short bursts or extended sessions. 🎮

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of Summoners Greed, tips for dominating the lanes, and the awesome benefits of using mods like unlimited money, summons, and resources! Let’s do this!

Overview of Summoners Greed

Summoners Greed takes the classic tower defense concept of building structures to defend against enemies, and combines it with idle RPG mechanics. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Summon monsters – Collect coins over time to summon monsters that fight automatically.
  • Formations – Strategically place monsters in formations to defend lanes.
  • Upgrade monsters – Spend coins to upgrade each monster’s abilities and damage.
  • Progression – Prestige to earn stones and summon rarer, more powerful monsters.
  • Offline earnings – Progress continues even when the game is closed.

The idle structure means you can play in short bursts as you check in to upgrade your monsters, or leave it running to build up tons of coins and progression. There’s always a sense of constant progress!

Gameplay Mechanics

Let’s take a closer look at the main gameplay elements and mechanics:

Summoning Monsters

  • Over 50 unique monsters to collect, split into Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary tiers.
  • Each monster has different abilities, damage types, and costs.
  • Summon randomly from available monsters using coins.
  • Chance to summon rarer monsters increases over time.

Monster Formations

  • Place summoned monsters in formations of 1-5 units.
  • Arrange monsters strategically – melee units up front, ranged damage in back.
  • Consider attack speed, damage type, abilities, and more.

Upgrading and Evolving

  • Use coins to upgrade each monster’s stats and damage.
  • Evolve monsters after reaching max level to increase abilities.
  • Prestige monsters for a resource boost based on level.

Progressing Through Lanes

  • Defeat waves in each lane to reach the boss and earn stones.
  • Spend stones to summon more new monsters.
  • Clear all 36 lanes to unlock new worlds with tougher enemies.

Idle Income

  • Coins accumulate automatically even when app is closed.
  • Progress through lanes continues offline via auto battle.
  • Manage offline income by upgrading structures.

With deep strategy and constant offline progress, Summoners Greed will have you hooked on growing your monster horde!

Useful Gameplay Tips

Prioritize Damage for Early Lanes

Focus on summoning cheap, high DPS monsters like Slimey and Ignis to push through the first 5-10 lanes quickly.

Evolve Monsters Fully Before Prestige

Maxing out a monster’s level before prestiging will yield way more stones to progress faster.

Balance Monster Types

Make sure to have melee fighters tanking hits up front, ranged attackers in the back, and some crowd control/healers for sustainability.

Spend Coins Wisely

Only upgrade damage on your main DPS monsters. Distribute other coins evenly to support units.

Use Auto Battle

Let auto battle grind earlier lanes for stones and coins so you can focus on strategy for new lanes.

Review Wave Performance

If you’re struggling on a lane, watch a few waves closely to identify your weak points. Adjust formations accordingly.

MOD Features

The standard progression in Summoners Greed relies heavily on grinding. But with mods, you can speed up progress and focus on strategy over coin farming! Here are some key mod benefits:

💰 Unlimited Money

  • Instantly buy any summon or upgrade.
  • Focus on formations and prestige rather than coin farming.
  • Access late game content faster.

🧪 Max Resources

  • Huge amounts of stones to summon new monsters.
  • Tons of monster evolution material.
  • Removes the resource grind completely.

🦾 Mega Menu

  • Level up and evolve monsters in an instant.
  • Save tons of time on upgrading units.
  • Effortlessly test formations at max strength.

🏅 Complete Skills

  • All monster skills automatically maxed out.
  • Try any monster’s abilities without grinding XP.
  • Discover powerful skill combos.

Mods let you bypass much of the grinding and fully enjoy the strategy of formations and progression. If you don’t mind a slower sense of progression, playing without mods can still be rewarding. But the instant power is hard to resist!

Review of Summoners Greed

The Good

  • Innovative merge of TD strategy and idle gaming.
  • Huge variety of monsters to collect.
  • Offline earnings keeps progress going 24/7.
  • Balances active and idle gameplay well.
  • Regular events and updates.

The Bad

  • Gets repetitive after the first few worlds.
  • Aggressive monetization and ads.
  • Can feel like progress stalls out.
  • Very grindy without spending money.

Verdict 🏆

If the clever mix of tower defense, RPG, and incremental clicker sounds fun, you’ll probably enjoy sinking your teeth into Summoners Greed. There’s a ton of content and monsters to explore, even if the grind can be excessive at times. The modded versions can help accelerate progress to focus on the strategy and formations. Overall, a great idle game to play in short bursts or leave running in the background!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Summoners Greed free to play?

Yes, Summoners Greed is completely free to download and play on both iOS and Android devices. There are in-app purchases available to buy coins and gems but they are optional.

What are the in-app purchases?

Mainly coin packs that allow you to summon monsters and buy upgrades faster. There are also some starter packs that include gems, runes, coins, and exclusive monsters.

Will my progress sync across devices?

Unfortunately your progress does NOT sync across devices. Your save is limited to the device you are playing on.

Is there PvP or co-op multiplayer?

Right now there is no direct PvP or co-op multiplayer in the game. However, there are leaderboards where you can compare your progression and stats with friends.

Will my idle progress continue if I force close the app?

Yes, offline idle progress will continue in the background even if you fully close the app on your device, thanks to the offline earnings system.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about dominating the lanes in the addictive idle TD RPG hybrid Summoners Greed! With the right formations and upgrades, plus some time-saving mods, you’ll be battling bosses and growing your monster horde in no time.

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